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    Purple Clouds

    CloudCall is a software company that provides advanced communications software and innovative technology for businesses making communications easier, quicker and more powerful. The company’s Minsk, Belarus location is designed by OneDesign with design team Katya Hotim and Olesya Chikildina. The team developed a concept based on the purple cloud which also represents the company’s logo and

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    Israel Offices

    Israel Offices

    Inspiration for the design drew on the cultural-geographic context of the project’s location and the company’s cosmopolitan activity that brings together ‘sellers’ – artists and freelancers with ‘buyers’ – entrepreneurs and small businesses world-wide.Since the offices are located in a building listed for conservation, whose renovation included the addition of new floors, it allows a

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    The New Opera Software Office Inspired By History and Architecture

    The New Opera Software Office Inspired By History and Architecture

                     Completed in 2016, the office interior is defined by a unique combination of history, geometry and local charm. The office benefits from a prestigious location right next to the Opera House in the city of Wroclaw. It occupies an area of 400 square meters divided into various functional zones.  

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    The Reasons for You Why Needing an Experienced Interior Designer for an Office Renovation

      proffessional interior designer, interior renovator, the best interior constructorWhen a company decides to renovate, a fresh new design is usually one of the major factors driving the change. But a new office design has to be constructed with more than a makeover in mind… A new layout, break room, kitchen, or a conference room


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